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"Games are more than games. They're stories. They're experiences to share with friends. They're lessons that teach us how to be better."

My name is Connor Wolf and I am a recent graduate of Bradley University. During my time as a student, I have worked diligently to hone my skills into the best they can be. I am a game designer with expertise in programming and audio. I am particularly comfortable in the Unity Engine, but also have experience learning new and exciting types of development with programmable toys and proprietary engines. I hope that if you've stumbled onto this site you play some of the games that are posted on the landing and have some fun. I believe games are at their peak when shared with others, so I hope you enjoy!

Sample Videos of my Process:

Dryad Devlog 1

In this devlog, I explain some of the work I've done on a 2D side-scroller project, called Dryad. I explain a bit about my current ideas on the project and how I'm planning on expanding the project onwards. 

Dryad Devlog 2

In this devlog, I explain my process of designing 2D levels, and my current thoughts on the weapon system.