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Friendly Fire

Explore at the size of a candle flame in this 3D platform adventure!


Masterful Audio and Elegant Code

Interactive Media is an incredible format for conveying stories, lessons, and emotions. Throughout my extensive training at Bradley University, I have honed my skills in the fields of programming and audio design.  Now, I am looking towards the future, and hoping to use these skills to create software that brings joy to the world.

friendly fire gif.gif

Friendly Fire

Explore the world at the size of a flame in this 3D platformer!

Hackerboy gif.gif


Hack your way to a high-score in this 80s hacking simulator!

trinity gif.gif


A tactic-style RPG about three close friends!

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stopdot gif.gif

Stop Dot

Try your hand at this casual reaction-time game!

photo fight gif.gif

Photo Fight

Face off against a friend in a series of microgames!

crownfall gif.gif


Crokinole meets Chess in this exciting game from Move38!

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