Friendly Fire

Explore at the size of a candle flame in this 3D platform adventure!


Masterful Audio and Elegant Code

Interactive Media is an incredible format for conveying stories, lessons, and emotions. Throughout my extensive training at Bradley University, I have honed my skills in the fields of programming and audio design.  Now, I am looking towards the future, and hoping to use these skills to create software that brings joy to the world.


Trinity is a 3D RPG that places the player in control of three friends exploring the Shining Kingdoms. The game was an individual project created over the course of six months. I am the sole developer on this project, and am very happy with how it turned out!

This game was chosen to be showcased at FUSE 2020.

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is a 3D platformer where you play as a thimble-sized flame! I was the creative director on this team of nine and also worked as the lead designer and audio designer. I worked on this project from prototype to golden master.

This game was chosen to be showcased at IndieCade 2020.

Photo Fight

Luke & Connor's Photo Fight is a head-to-head microgame rally that uses asymmetric gameplay to create replayability. It was developed over the course of three months by myself and Luke Piazza.

This game was chosen to be showcased at DreamHack Atlanta 2019.

Hacker Boy

Hacker Boy is a 2D simulation game that puts you in the place of the legendary hacker, Hacker Boy. The game challenges the player to juggle a number of increasingly complex minigames until they are compromised.

This game placed 255th out of 4,958

during Ludam Dare 2019.

Stop Dot

Stop Dot is a casual mobile game that has the player trying to stop a point within an area that changes. It was my first experience with mobile development and was completed entirely within one month.

This game is published on the Google Play Store.


Crownfall is a game developed for Move 38's Blinks. It is a strategy game that challenges players to form their own army, and then flick their Blinks into the other player's army to capture their king!

This game is only available for Blinks, created by Move38.

stop dot.webp